El Mago Cigars

Inspired by a legacy of unwavering love and triumph against all the odds
Crafted by hand with unmatched quality

El Mago Cigars is carefully crafted by hand, in the Cuban Spirit. Our cigars are filled with the finest-aged tobacco that has been hand selected to bring you unmatched quality and an unforgettable smoking experience. From our hands to yours, hand-made to hand-held, our goal is to deliver another reason to enjoy life's beautiful moments and create lifelong memories.

Expertly Handmade

A cigar with a story worth smoking to...

Each label's design and name are inspired by my grandparents' love, life journey and incredible legacy


Named after my grandparents' ability to triumph against all odds. This is a Connecticut with an incredible aroma.

El Mago Cigars

Named after the magic that was created by Maria and Gonzalo. The two-toned wrapper was designed to leave an element of surprise for the adventurous smoker.

El Mago Cigars

Named after my grandparents' ability to take risks. With great obstacles, comes the need for great intuition.

El Mago Cigars

Named after my grandfather, Gonzalo “Pepe” Torre, from whom I learned how to smoke a cigar, make jokes and navigate life. “Pepe” has the strength to command an aficionado’s respect and the flavor to satisfy any pallet. 

El Mago Cigars


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Miami Collection

Miami Art Deco Edition


Miami Art Deco Edition (Box Of 10)


Miami Art Deco Edition (Box Of 4)

Created with legacy in mind

El Mago, which translates to ‘The Wizard’, was inspired by a couple who created magic from the little opportunity that life first offered them - my grandparents, Maria and Gonzalo Torre. The first two letters from each of their names is what brought the name Mago to life. My grandparents, whom I called Babi and Pepe, died together on June 24, 2021, in Miami, FL, when their building, The Champlain Towers, suddenly collapsed in the middle of the night. It is my honor to keep their legacy alive and share their story through a tradition that was passed down from one generation to the next. 

Owner, Nicolas Fusco, sits down with Miami Herald and shares the story behind El Mago Cigars

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